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Virtual Ocean

Virtual Ocean Cached Files Location

Virtual Ocean

To located the cached files on your operating system please see details below:

For Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.5 the cache files are found at
Macintosh HD -> Library -> Caches -> WorldWindData -> Earth

For Windows XP the cache files are found at
C:\ Documents and Settings -> All Users -> Application Data -> WorldWindData -> Earth

For Windows 7 Application Data has been replaced with AppData

To clear cache in the Virutal Ocean Application:

  1. Launch Virtual Ocean from the link on our main webpage.
  2. From the menu select File -> Clear Data Cache... A Pop Up Window should appear.
  3. Next, select the first checkbox option 'World Wind Earth Data'.
  4. Select OK and Restart Virtual Ocean 2.3.0
  5. Click on the image for a larger view

The initial restart after clearing your cache will take longer then usual. This behavior is expected.